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Why Bajaj Chetak is Best Electric Scooter with Gear System

 As per the Official Website of Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter ( we are listing Down the Key Features as well as Variants and Price Specifications below. 

Out of so many Electric Vehicles / Bikes / Two wheeler Companies in India, Bajaj Chetak stands out as unique in many senses. And As we go deep analyzing its specification, We can say Bajaj Chetak is one of the most valuable or the Best Electric scooters in India as of 2021.

Bajaj Chetak Electric with 90 Km in Single Charge

Bajaj Chetak Electric is Available in 6 Unique Colors to choose from.

Why do we consider Bajaj Chetak is Best?

The Reson are Many but the most Important Reson being two fundamentally used technologies in it. One is the Use of the Steel Body rather than Fibre/Plastic (like Ola Scooters) and Chetak Electric is having Solid Gears rather than Belt (like Ola Scooters) or Chains. 

Also Remember you are getting a 7 Years of Warranty from Most VAluable Two Wheeler Company in the World, Which Itself makes sense to consider it , If you are going to use your EV for years to come .

Like Bajaj is having more than 70 plus years of two-wheeler manufacturing as well as one of the Leading Exporters of Motorcycles in the World. 

Bajaj Auto Even becomes the most valuable. two wheeler Company Globally to Cross a Market capitalization of Rs 1 Lakh Crore (around USD 13.6 Billion) on January 1st, 2020. 

So to Trust, a Most Valuable Company with a Solid Track Record of Making Bikes like Pulsar is for sure have good news for the Electric Vehicle Industry.

Solid Gear System is Robust and Maintenance Free for Life time

Comparing Bajaj Chetak with OLA Scooters, We can say that the Experience of  Having the most VAluable Two Wheeler Company by Bajaj overtook the HEavy Promotion of a New Company like OLA.

What is the Price of Bajaj Chetak Electric?

The Price of Bajaj Chetak Price Ranges from Rs 99,999 to Rs. 1,15,000 . And is Currents as of December 2021, Available in 4 States i.e. Maharastra, Karnataka, TamilNadu, and Telangana? 

Bajaj Chetak Electric Vehicle  Price On-road

Bajaj Chetak Electric Charging Station

Conclusion :

More than 300 Plus Companies in India are now Manufacturing Electric Vehicles and its really hard to compare all of them to a decision making choice. But to Considering the fact about Bajaj 60 plus years of Experience in Two Wheelers, as well as It is the Most trusted Valuable Company in the World we think the choice to go with Bajaj Chetak is a peace of mind Purchase in India. 


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